Practice Management for Dentists

     As all of our dental clients know, Nardone Limited encourages our clients to be heavily involved in practice management.  We absolutely see one too many dentists that are very good clinicians, however, they struggle in terms of overall practice management.  The struggling may be caused by a limitation in the dentist’s expertise on financial planning, human resource issues and employment matters, overall systems and structure regarding the day to day operations of the practice, or just overall business planning. Thus, Nardone Limited recommends that all dentists work with their business consultants or advisors on a daily basis to supplement the dentist’s expertise.

     One of the practice management firms that we work closely with is Paragon Management Associates.  Paragon does a great job in terms of their overall management and guidance for their dental practice clients.  And, they routinely provide continuing education to dentists in the area of practice management.  In fact, they have an upcoming practice management program that our dental clients may be interested in.  We encourage each of our clients, and any other dentist for that matter, to contact Paragon about this particular program.  There is nothing better than continued work on our businesses.  And again, we find too many of our clients that work hard in their businesses, however, they miss out on the opportunities to work on their business.  And then, months later or years later, they find themselves out of control in terms of the operation of their business, significantly behind on administrative matters, or simply exposed to liability because of their neglect of working on the business.

     The upcoming practice management program is focused on the dental practice’s staff.  It is a two-day staff training event created to equip the dentist’s staff with high-performance tools and systems, in terms of assisting the doctor in operating the practice.  According to the brochure from Paragon, this program is specifically designed to lay the foundation for an efficient and productive front office team. Attendees will walk away with some great tips and techniques for goal scheduling, maximizing staff delegation, communication between the front and back, financial policies, and verbal skills to get your patients excited to work with you.  See the link for the brochure below for the time and place of the practice management program.

Anyone who may be interested in attending this event can simply register directly through the Paragon office at: 614-433-0790. 

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