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Protecting Your Dental Practice from Liability for Lack of Patient Informed Consent

The dental attorneys of Nardone Limited, in Columbus, Ohio, strive to protect our dental clients from potential liabilities that can arise from the day-to-day operation of a dental practice. One of those potential sources of liability is in the area of patient informed consent. Liability for Lack of Informed Consent. In our previous article entitled […]

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Attorney Vince Nardone Speaks to the North American Society of Periodontists on Embezzlement and Other Staffing Concerns

Attorney Vince Nardone and Nardone Limited wanted to thank Dr. Jason Stoner, as well as Pelley and Dr. Steve Brown for the invitation to speak to the North American Society of Periodontists 2017 Annual Invitational Meeting in Atlanta on Friday, January 20, 2017.  We had the opportunity to meet some great individuals and talk about […]

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Misunderstanding of Overtime Rules

The attorneys at Nardone Limited, in Columbus, Ohio, regularly assist our clients with employment issues, including compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the Department of Labor’s wage & hour standards. The FLSA sets the minimum wage an employer may pay an employee and the Department of Labor enforces compliance with the FLSA’s […]

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