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Enforcing a Non-Compete Provision

           The employment attorneys at Nardone Limited in Columbus, Ohio want to ensure our clients execute the proper employment agreements so their business interests are protected. Specifically, we want to protect our clients from unfair competition. As part of owning and managing a successful business, most owners will likely go through […]

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Practice Management for Dentists

     As all of our dental clients know, Nardone Limited encourages our clients to be heavily involved in practice management.  We absolutely see one too many dentists that are very good clinicians, however, they struggle in terms of overall practice management.  The struggling may be caused by a limitation in the dentist’s expertise on […]

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The Declining Popularity of SBA Loans for Dentists

           If you are considering purchasing a dental practice, Nardone Limited’s team of experienced dental practice attorneys can help guide you through the many decisions you face in making this purchase, including the various methods of financing the purchase. One particular method of financing dental practice purchases that has declined in […]

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