Vince Nardone Talks Dental Practice Embezzlement with Columbus Dental Society

Vince Nardone was given the opportunity to speak at the Columbus Dental Society‘s first “Mean & Lean Study Club” on the evening of Thursday, May 21, 2015. “Vince addressed the issue of “Embezzlement in a Dental Practice,” as this is a problem for three out of five dentists. Mr. Nardone touched on various ways to prevent and minimize embezzlement, how to spot the act itself, and what would ultimately be involved in an embezzlement litigation.

Vince mentioned that past behavior is indicative of future behavior; meaning that, in many cases, embezzlers have a criminal past that employers don’t catch when conducting their hiring process. Using the following video as a visual aid, Mr. Nardone conveyed that there are many red flags that employers are inattentive to in regards to embezzlement. “Dental Office Manager Accused Of Theft” via YouTube.

“Mean & Lean Study Clubs” are held three times per year and offer two free hours of CE for Dental Society Members. We would like to thank the Society and its sponsors for allowing us to be involved in such a wonderful event!