The Importance of Securing and Retaining Talent

     The dental attorneys at Nardone Limited in Columbus, Ohio regularly assist dental practice owners with employment matters, including advising our clients in the hiring process and drafting employment agreements. We routinely advise our dental practice owners that the most valuable asset in their business is: their talent. Dental practices spend a lot of time and money during the hiring process to ensure that they locate and hire the right person for the open position. But, there are times when a dental practice fails to follow through with the training, nurturing, and mentoring of that talent once they have them in the door.

     Nardone Limited wants to ensure that our clients develop and maintain a successful business. Part of developing and maintaining a successful business is developing, training, and retaining key employees (i.e., the talent). Securing and retaining talented employees not only helps to ensure a good and positive work environment, it also helps to develop a successful business and enhances productivity. Also, recognizing what factors attract talent, along with implementing certain steps to help retain talent, is necessary for a successful dental practice.

The Need for Dental Practice Owners to Find and Retain Talented Employees

    One of the main factors that attracts an employee to a position is the compensation package, which typically includes salary, a retirement plan, healthcare, and other fringe benefits. But, the compensation may not be the reason why an employee stays at a position. Retaining talent primarily depends on the employee’s overall work satisfaction. Thus, the factors that contribute to employee retention are the work environment, the development and training the employee receives, and also the engagement and mentorship from supervisors. Below are some suggestions for a dental practice owner to consider in order to retain talented employees.

What a Dental Practice Owner Can do To Secure and Retain Talented Employees

  • Employee Engagement. Employee engagement is a very important factor for talent retention. Having open and honest discussions with the employee that provides constructive feedback, reviews, and positive reinforcement is helpful to retain talent. Having conversations with the employee also helps to set expectations for both the employer and the employee. It should be noted that when having conversations with an employee regarding feedback or expectations, it is important to be clear and direct.
  • Employee Appreciation. A big issue for losing talent is when the employee feels like they are just overhead to the business. Providing support and resources to the employee contributes to the employee developing their skills, and also allows the employee to feel secure in their position. Also, asking for employee input and feedback lets the employee know that they are contributing to the business and that they have a voice.
  • Create a Positive Work Environment. Creating a work environment that fosters open and honest communication creates a positive work environment. Keeping your employees informed on what is happening with the business, asking for input, and listening to work-related concerns fosters an open and positive work environment and allows the employee to feel valued and part of the team.
  • Provide Opportunities for Employee Development. Providing opportunities for employees to learn and develop skills helps the employee to enhance their talent and to grow within the company. A thoughtful dental practice owner recognizes the passion and skillsets of their talent and provides them with projects, opportunities inside and outside of work, and development opportunities that will enhance and develop those skills. This will make the employee enjoy the work that they are doing and will positively impact the business.
  • Providing Mentorship to Employees. Many businesses also place a strong emphasis on mentorship, where the employer or supervisor provides mentoring to the employee. Mentorship helps to develop the employee’s skills, and also helps to develop a relationship between the mentor and the employee on both a professional and personal level. Mentoring your employees also enhances open and honest communication and contributes to the employee’s employment satisfaction.
  • Training. Finally, one specific investment that a dental practice can make in their talent is providing the proper training. Providing training to employees crosses over many of the above topics, including employee engagement, appreciation, development, and mentorship. Often in a dental practice, dentists are the only employees who receive training and continuing education. But, other staff members are not provided with the necessary training to enhance and develop their skillset. Again, the most important asset to a dental practice is its talent. The more education and training that the employees receive, the more productive, efficient, and appreciative the talent will be when it comes to the dental practice. Even though you are spending money on the training, at the end of the day, the overall net earnings will increase.

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