Vince Nardone Discusses Embezzlement with Dental Students at The Ohio State University

Attorney Vince Nardone was recently given the opportunity to speak on embezzlement in a dental office to dental students at The Ohio State University via Zoom recording. With virtual classrooms more present than ever as a result of COVID-19, these abnormal times require creativity when delivering presentations to students. However, it is always a pleasure for Vince to present on the topic of embezzlement no matter the circumstances.

As a former FBI agent, Vince enjoys educating and working with clients regarding preventing, deterring, and uncovering embezzlement in a dental practice, while at the same time helping dentists minimize those disruptions within their practice.

We would like to thank Dr. James Cottle, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry for this opportunity. The Ohio State University College of Dentistry continues to impress us with wonderful instructors, like Dr. Cottle. They are extremely dedicated to their teaching, as well as watching their students succeed.