Dental Practice Purchase in Massillon, Ohio – Congratulations to Dr. Andy Baltzly

I would like to congratulate Dr. Andy Baltzly on the recent purchase of his newly owned dental practice in Massillon, Ohio. The practice is located at 8562 Navarre Road SW, Massillon, Ohio, and will operate under the name Baltzly Dental.

Thank you, Dr. Baltzly, for allowing me to be involved, and for allowing us to provide the necessary business and legal advice regarding the negotiation and purchase of the dental practice assets, as well as the negotiation and execution of the lease for the office space. My team and I certainly appreciate it.

Congratulations again to Dr. Baltzly and the selling doctors. I look forward to a continued long-term relationship and assisting in the growth and success of Baltzly Dental, alongside Dr. Baltzly.