Embezzlement Investigations

Embezzlement is an opportunity crime that can take place at any dental practice. When dentists get busy, persons in positions of trust may take advantage of that trust. Many embezzlement schemes go on for years before the perpetrator is caught. If you are suspicious that embezzlement is occurring in your dental office, an investigation is the place to start. It is vital to have a thorough and proper investigation so that you have sufficient evidence to make sure justice is served. The guidance of an experienced dental attorney is invaluable during the embezzlement investigation process. The dental practice attorneys at Nardone Limited hope this article helps you understand the important role an attorney plays should you require an embezzlement investigation at your dental practice.

Once your suspicions have been aroused that embezzlement may be occurring at your dental practice, you should discretely begin to make factual observations and gather evidence. Carefully collect documentation by printing out relevant accounting records and making signed and dated notes of your observations. If your observations and evidence confirm your suspicions, it is time to contact your dental practice attorney.

Goals of Embezzlement Investigation

When you begin an embezzlement investigation, consider your goals. Do you just want to terminate the employee and quickly return to business as usual? Do you want to recover stolen money? Or do you want the employee to get a criminal record so the employee cannot prey on other dental practices?

The answers to these questions will help you and your dental attorney decide on a course of action. Consult your attorney about whether to terminate the employee or go to the police. Terminating the employee may lead to litigation, as the employee may sue for wrongful termination. Calling the police is necessary if you want to pursue the embezzler through the criminal justice system. Timing and preparedness to cooperate with police is vital before contacting them because few things will disrupt your dental practice as much as a police-led criminal investigation. In any event, preserve key paper and electronic documents by making copies and backing up files.

Consulting the Experts

Depending on the complexity of the embezzlement, it may be in your best interests to have other experts work on your case. Your attorney can work with you to contact private investigators, a forensic auditor, or an expert in computer data retrieval if the investigation shows you need their expertise. Your attorney will also work with your insurance agent to identify the scope of your coverage and ensure you follow your policy’s procedures so as not to forfeit insurance coverage for embezzlement.

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