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Borrowing Money and the Impact on Lending for a Dental Practice Purchase and Sale During these Crazy Times – Here is Another Option

As an attorney that works with healthcare professionals, including dentists, we are running into issues with lenders when it comes to the purchase and sale of dental practices. It is really the same issue that we are seeing with other healthcare professionals. So, I thought I would call this out, as a concern, and provide […]

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Dental Practice Business Interruption Insurance Claims from COVID-19 Closure

As dental attorneys, we want to ensure our clients explore all options for financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic effects of COVID-19 have been widespread, affecting all businesses in some way. Dental practices have been especially hard-hit. Faced with the risk of spreading COVID-19 to both patients and employees, government orders forced dental […]

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Doctors, Dentists, and other Medical Professionals, Must seek out the Knowledge and Experience of Others

As a business advisor and attorney working with doctors and dentists who own their practices, my familiarity with the variety of business-related decisions regarding practice operations extends across a wide range. Avoiding poor decisions, however, and ensuring that the path forward will allow them to reach the desired result, requires those medical professionals to seek […]

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