Vince Nardone Recently Discussed Standard of Care, Informed Consent, and the Top 10 Mistakes Dentists’ Make at The Ohio State University

Thank you to Dr. James Cottle, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at The Ohio State University, for the reoccurring opportunity for Vince Nardone to speak to third-year graduate dental students on the Standard of Care, Informed Consent, and the top 10 mistakes Dentists’ make. During a recent presentation, Vince covered the statistics of various enforcement efforts to date, as well as defining standard of care, areas for potential liability, including common mistakes, and the importance of constructing a highly detailed and proper informed consent.

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry continues to impress us with wonderful instructors, like Dr. Cottle, who are extremely dedicated to their teaching, as well as watching their students succeed. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to present with Dr. Cottle once classes are back to in-person sessions at The Ohio State University.