Vince Nardone Discusses Professional Liability and Minimizing Exposure at Midwest Implant Institute

Thank you once again to Dr. Rob Heller, Dr. Thomas Bilski, and Samantha Heller at the Midwest Implant Institute (MII) for recently inviting Vince Nardone to discuss Professional Liability and Minimizing exposure at the “[605] The Digging Out of Problems Course” on May 6, 2021.

The experienced group of dentists who attended MII’s Digging Out of Problems Course were given the opportunity to learn about preventing implant problems before they occur, handling loose and broken screws, removing implants with minimal bone loss, when and how to charge for implant failure, tissue barriers to use in implant repair, identifying failed implants, bone grafting materials to use in implant repair, when to remove an implant that has lost bone support, when to remove a compromised tooth and replace with an implant, and when to do socket preservation with immediate implant placement.

Vince complimented all of the above crucial implant dentistry topics by discussing the legal side of the practice, including the standard of care and avoiding exposure, informed consent, the importance of checklists, malpractice insurance, and asset protection.

The Midwest Implant Institute continues to impress us with amazing teaching opportunities for implant specialists and doctors focused on becoming specialists in implant dentistry. Vince looks forward to future opportunities to discuss professional liability at the Midwest Implant Institute.