Year-End Tax Planning

As tax attorneys and dental practice attorneys, Nardone Limited helps clients understand their ability to choose the timing of capital gains and losses to minimize federal income tax liabilities. Selling appreciated assets in a particular year because of favorable tax treatment or to avoid higher potential rates in future years, or using available losses on capital assets are just a few strategic options for limiting federal tax liability. Review this letter to our clients for a more detailed explanation of how these year-end tax planning techniques work.

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If you have any concerns about federal or state tax matters at your dental practice, you should contact one of the dental practice attorneys or tax attorneys at Nardone Limited. Nardone Limited, a Columbus, Ohio law firm, provides specialized dental practice representation across the state of Ohio. The dental practice attorneys and employment law attorneys at Nardone Limited represent dentists in such diverse areas as: (i) buying and selling dental practices, (ii) asset purchase agreements, (iii) employment contracts, (iv) labor and employment representation, (v) human resource representation, (vi) Ohio Dental Board representation, (vii) lease agreements, (viii) real estate purchase agreements, (ix) tax planning, and (x) estate planning. The staff at Nardone Limited understand that a dental practice is a business and strive to handle transactions while minimizing each client’s time spent away from the office. Whether your practice is beginning, transitioning, or encountering adversity, Nardone Limited also provides the legal and tax planning guidance your practice needs. Contact Nardone Limited today to discuss your practice and how Nardone Limited may help you.