Join FocusCFO in Discussing Tips to Drive Business Recovery in 2021

As I continue to work with our business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and high-income earners, we continue to be impacted by the economic changes caused by a number of different events, including COVID-19. There are times when we simply cannot control and cannot prevent certain things from happening. But, we can certainly control how we respond. My good friends at FocusCFO are sponsoring a virtual discussion of very experienced CFO’s regarding having the proper perspectives during this turbulent time and strategies to respond. I wanted to go ahead and provide you with a flyer and a link, to the extent you are interested in listening in. See below.

Let’s remember, before we act, we have to ensure that we are making a well-informed decision based upon due diligence and information that is available to us today. That is what we try to do on a regular basis and something we should continue to do. This discussion from FocusCFO is in alignment with that thought process. Thus, enjoy.

Tales from the Trenches: What We’ve Learned and Tips for 2021 to Drive Business Recovery

When: Friday, December 18, 2020, 9-10 AM EST

Panelists: Pat Lang, Sherif Matar, & Bob Stecki

Moderator: Jeff Lacy

Overview: As our economy continues to face turbulence and uncertainty, SMB owners and executives need quick perspectives to ensure they are taking the right actions for their organizations, employees, shareholders, and themselves.

This panel of three expert CFOs, with combined 80 years of experience, will share what they’ve learned from the trenches and best practices on what they are doing to guide their clients through these turbulent times. Topics being discussed include:

  • Getting the right information from your financial statements
  • Key drivers and financial indicators to watch
  • Optimizing cash and liquidity management
  • Stress testing and building resilience
  • Building the right compass
  • Key lessons learned
  • Looking forward to 2021

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